My new personal website hits the stage

Update - 28th of April 2020

Most entries archived from my old website have been moved to my gopher server.

Nearly a year has passed since I turned off my old website. That website was a platform whose sole purpose was to promote the publications I had carried out as Richard Falken. The failure of that enterprise meant that the website was no longer necessary, and was in fact a burden.

The old website was built using a customized version of the Bashblog engine, a static site generator that is useful for creating minimalist blogs. Bashblog did a great job, and is a piece of software I recommend to every geek who is thinking about running his own minimalist site. However, since I am planning to host a podcast with the help of some friends, I wanted a static website generator which was able to make use of predesigned RSS templates and themes. I have thus switched to the Jekyll engine.

My old domain name was a bad burden too. My Spanish folks were never able to enter in the URL bar without making lots of typos. The hyphen in the domain name was definitively a very bad idea. Therefore, I have acquired the domains and, which are Spanish friendly and English friendly, respectively.

Many articles and much content has been imported from sources other than my old website. These entries have been tagged with the Archived tag.