The Flaming Wrath of Árelor

These are the release notes of The Flaming Wrath of Árelor, kept in this site for historical reasons. Any effort for promoting and distributing this novel in Spanish was brought to an end on the 14th of september, 2016. Route 11 Publications owns the distribution rights for any other language.

The Flaming Wrath of Árelor

Cover illustration © Duncan Long. All rights reserved. The Flaming Wrath of Árelor cover

How Long Are You Willing to Wait…

How Much Are You Willing to Sacrifice…

Would You Give All Your Life Up…

… for Revenge?

The Glorious Empire. A nation isolated from the rest of the world and ruled by the iron fist of the relentless Clergy of Árelor, Lord of Rage and Revenge. Crime is not tolerated. Heresy and disobedience are punished with death. But the Glorious Empire is about to face the most powerful threat it has ever known: a cold and merciless man, a fanatic whose sanity is long gone, a warrior bent on revenge who has started a personal crusade to methodically eliminate all the leaders of the Clergy of Árelor and anyone who supports them.

Wherever he goes, he does not leave tracks. The Glorious Empire is not willing to make public the existence of the assassin, but his supernatural skills are very real and threaten to bring the government of the nation down and plunge it into anarchy.

Will Captain Bérinen and his group of investigators stop the maniac before no one is left to rule their homeland, or will the murderer complete his personal crusade?

  • Original Title: La Espada Vengadora
  • Original Release Date: 2009
  • Original Language: Spanish
  • Release Date of English Version: 2015