Recovering the Rights to The Flaming Wrath of Árelor

I have been recently notified that Route 11 Publications, the publisher which was in charge of distributing and promoting The Flaming Wrath of Árelor, has closed the publishing branch of its business. This should surprise nobody, since the ability of this publisher to get books known and sold has proven to be quite underwhelming, to say the least.

The book itself is now orphaned again, but this should not be considered a catastrophe by any means. The Flaming Wrath of Árelor was already dead. Losing its publisher just means that the corpse is rotting and growing worms.

The side effect of Route 11 giving up is that I am regaining the rights to distribute and sell The Flaming Wrath of Árelor. Actually, the publisher was in no obligation to return the rights back to me, so I am thankful they decided to do so.