A New Platform for my Tales

I have just launched a Digital Bookstore to make my tales available. The commercial details can be found in the official announcement at Richard Falken’s Site.

What is not explained there is why I deployed the website and how I did it.

The why is easy to explain. The fiction publishing business is a totally cut-threat jungle. There are not that many respectable magazines who will take short stories, and the ones that do, take hundreds of submissions each month. The chances of getting a story published on one of them are lower than 1% these days.

Worse yet, magazines are not interested in long standing series. Those who are, don’t want cross-genre series. This is the problem when it comes to marketing The Worth of Immortality, the short story series I have been working on as of late. This series follow the steps of an immortal man, and features both Fantasy and Science-Fiction elements. Magazines that publish Science-Fiction won’t take the series because of the fantastic components; publications that want Fantasy won’t take the tales because of the Science-Fiction in them.

Having my own store solves both of these problems.

As for how I created my store, I installed an Opencart CMS on an OpenBSD server. If you have been following my activities, you’d know I wrote an article about Opencart for Linux Magazine. Opencart has a big advantage in that it is very cheap to get running. Notice I say cheap, but not free, because despite being Free, Open Source software, if you want to do anything with it you will end up having to purchase some plugins for it.

Opencart’s big handicap is precisely that it is not an out of the box solution. You need to either buy or produce a whole lot of code to bring it to working status, and the documentation for doing so is not great.

Still, I am satisfied with the result.

Don’t forget to check the store out!