The Deduper file deduplicator is available again through gopher

I have spent a few hours bringing my gopher site back online. Gopher is an old file transfer protocol that predates HTTP and is well suited for the distribution of simple documents and files. My gopher site currently hosts a pseudo-mirror of this website, and also a directory in which I intend to host some of my software. It can be accessed through and gopher.corrin.gopher. The second link requires you to have access to the Opennic namespace.

Deduper, a file deduplication program that I wrote in 2015, is one of my pieces of software. It is a very helpful Perl script that is able to locate multiple copies of the same file in your hard drive, ideal for those cases in which you copy the same file over and over again across multiple directories, and then end up filling your filesystems with redundant data. I have taken advantage of the fact I have gopher hosting again and uploaded it there.